At CYC we specialise in duck.  Our famous product Pepe’s Duck is consistently succulent and offers the best value for money.​  CYC is the number one choice when it comes to mouth-watering, high quality Game products.

About Pepe’s Duck

Over the last 37 years Pepe’s Ducks has grown from a tiny duck farm in Quakers Hill, NSW, to one of the industry leaders in duck production across Australia and New Zealand.

The company was founded by Pepe Bonaccardo in 1976, from his small backyard in NSW; where Pepe bred and rose his first ever duck.

Now Pepe’s Ducks produces as many as 80,000 ducks a week, a large jump from the 22 ducks and four drakes Pepe started out with. ​

Why Pepe’s Duck

At Pepe’s, animal welfare is an extremely important part of the business and Pepe’s staff work hard to ensure standards are always maintained to the highest level. 

Pepe’s care for their ducks through a variety of farming practices, including:

  • Protecting ducks from predators and extreme weather conditions by providing them with clean and dry housing. The ducks enjoy large, airy, well-lit barns that are constantly monitored and maintained.

  • Feeding ducks with the best quality Australian wheat based feed.

  • Providing the ducks with clean and fresh water for drinking and preening through a cutting-edge system which allows constant water flow.

  • Reducing the risk of disease through adopting stringent biosecurity procedures.

As well as the above, Pepe’s have a team of highly trained staff who constantly check and monitor the ducks numerous times throughout the day.